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DIG_Filter_Config with interval < 1ms? (PCI 6527)

Hi all,

Has anybody used the filtering on a PCI/PXI 6527 board, with an interval
than 1ms? Did it work? How?

We don't have the board yet, so for now, there's only the specs. They seem
contradict each other:

The NI-Daq function reference (6.6, page 2-170) says:
"interval specifies the timebase for the digital filter in seconds.
The range is 0.001 s (1 ms) to 0.1 s (100 ms) for the 652X devices."

The 6527 user manual (december '99, page 4-4) mentions:
"All filtered lines share the same timing interval. The interval ranges from
100 ns
to 100 ms..."

Thanks in advance,
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