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DC Fan control using DAQ 6009 analog output

Hey guys

I have a DC fan that works between 3 and 10 volts and needs 1A. I need to control it using a daq 6009 by varying the output voltage at the analog output of the daq. i am well aware that the daq cannot give the necessary current that the fan need, so i need a power stage that isolatesthe daq and the fan so i dont damage the daq.

can anyone give me some ideas of what should i use to give the current i need to use the fan?



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      It sounds to me like you'll want to use a voltage follower that you can connect your USB 2009 and your external power supply.  From what you've explained, you'll need an external power supply- you can learn about power supplies that we sell here.  What kind of current are you looking to source?


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