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DAQsingleBufToDisk works once using PCI-MIO-16E-4, then not again until I power off

The first time I run this example C++ code, I get the data I expect from my single-ended source. Then, subsequent runs fill the data file with 00 F8 00 F8 00 F8 00 F8...etc. To get the right data, I have to power off the machine, not just restart.

I modified the code so that it makes 3 acquisitions and concatenates the results to the same file, and again, the same result: it works the first time, but not again until I turn the machine off and on again.

So it seems to be something on the board doesn't get reset or cleaned up when the program exits, and I can get it out of this state only by power cycling.

System: NI-DAQ 6.9, PII 450, Win2k, 384MB RAM,

Any tho

Vince Bafetti
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NI-DAQ 6.9.1 is available you could try installing that.

Do you call DAQ_Clear before the program exits and before you call anything else?

Also try calling Init_DA_Brds on it...

Good Luck
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