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DAQmx - error 50202

When configuring an AIVoltage on a PXIe-6358 using a polynomial scale of order 3, I get the following error:


Error #-200537 Property Node DAQmx Channel (arg 1) in AIGroup.lvclassSmiley>AIGroup.lvclassSmiley
>>>>Generic>Daqmx_Configure All>RT> <append> <B>Property: </B>AI.Min <B>Requested Value: </B>-96.383560 <B>Possible Values: </B>-96.393560 to  90.025105 <B>Scale Name: </B>PXI1Slot5_PXI1Slot5_ai0_Scale  <B>Channel Name: </B>PXI1Slot5_ai0  <B>Task Name: </B>PXI1Slot5_A


scale = 0.522355377797965 + 10.0774426677173 * x - 0.0370658257511309 * x^2 - 0.00756509423297235 * x^3

elec range = -10 to 10

output range = -96.3835596415157 to 90.0151052468855


when using an output range = -96.2935596415157 to 89.9251052468855 it works


Please can someone explain what is the rule? or how can I bypass that issue?

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Looks like you have a floating point rounding issue.  Where are you coming up with the range you are putting into the DAQmx Create Virtual Channel?  Supplying some code would help the debugging process.

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The rounding issue is not on my side, because the error message says: -96.383560 is not in the range -96.393560 to  90.025105, that is wrong.


An extract of the code is not possible because it's part of a very large S/W, and it would take a lot of time to build an usable and representative test program.


The solution we certainly will use is to leave the AI.Min and AI.Max properties unset.To be checked ASAP.

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