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DAQmx channel can not detect CI edge with use of PCIe-6320



I'm a user of Labview 2011. I'm trying to count MRI pulses using the ci edge count DAQmx function. I'm using the vi, attached on the following website ( MRI pulses comes in TRIGGER/COUNTER on the PCIe-6320 via BNC cable. I confirmed that the PCIe-6320 counted the pulses on the test panel for counterI/O using  Measurement & Automation exploler. If I understand correctly, the PCIe detected the pulses, but the DAQmx channel failed to do it. I can not figure out the reason. Please give me any suggestions. I attached the two figures, one of which shows the CI_edge_count vi and the other shows highlight durig execution.





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It looks like you are able to read from the device without any errors, which suggests your DAQmx drivers are functioning correctly. Can you make sure that you have the same counter channel selected in MAX and LabVIEW? The behavior you are seeing suggests there is no information coming in on the selected channel.


Also, the example you linked suggests using the Gen Dig Pulse Train-Continuous from the LabVIEW Example Finder to verify that the Counter Input example is functioning properly. Can you try using your VI with the Gen Dig Pulse Train-Continuous to create pulses to see if you get the same problem?


If you are still having problems, could you post some more information about your setup and confirm that the counter works in MAX but not LabVIEW?

Zach P.

Staff Software Engineer | LabVIEW R&D | National Instruments
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Hi Zach,


Thank you vry much for your suggestions. I'm checking the points you raised. I will report about them sooner.





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