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DAQmx change on-the-fly waveform amplitude

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I try to program my DAQmx device. I have an array of double (custom waveform), a variable amplitude depending a other operation (feedback), frequency of 50Hz. I want to change the waveform between to cycle with the new amplitude.


I have error like:


Error -200288 occurred at DAQmx Write (Analog 1D DBL 1Chan NSamp).vi:1780001

Possible reason(s):

Attempted to write a sample beyond the final sample generated. The generation has stopped, therefore the sample specified by the combination of position and offset will never be available.

Specify a position and offset which selects a sample up to, but not beyond, the final sample generated. The final sample generated can be determined by querying the total samples generated after a generation has stopped.

Attempted to Write Sample: 40
Property: RelativeTo
Corresponding Value: Current Write Position
Property: Offset
Corresponding Value: 0

Task Name: _unnamedTask<28>


How I can do it?



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This is working, but take around 6 second before updatingAnalogOut_WithAplitudeFeedback_2.png

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and the update need to be at the end of cycle...

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Accepted by topic author CFiset

I toke

and modifiy a litle bit and this's working!




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