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DAQmx Error in MAX (6062E)

DAQ card: 6062E (PCMCIA)
Labview 8.5
DAQmx 8.6.0f5
In the MAX > Devices and Interfaces > NI-DAQmx Devices > NI-DAQCard-6062E: "Dev1" > "Test Panels..."
I've got this error
"This operation can only be performed on analog input physical channels. As configured, this device does not have any analog input connections."
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Hello Erickim,

Welcome to the NI Discussion Forums! 

The issue you are seeing is most likely related to a Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) Database connection error.  If your device is not configured correctly in the MAX database errors such as this one can result.  Step 4 in the knowledgebase Why Do I Get a Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) Database Connection Error? shows how to delete the MAX data directory which will cause a new MAX database to be created.  If this does not resolve the issue, uninstalling and reinstalling your DAQmx drivers has resolved this issue before.  The latest version of the DAQmx drivers for Windows XP can be found here. 

If these steps don’t remove this error please let me know a few more details about the circumstances surrounding this error.  Did this device ever work before?  What happened before this error occurred? 

Browning G
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