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Multifunction DAQ

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DAQPad-6020E w/ NI-DAQ7.4 found in MAX but not detect by LabVIEW7.1

LabVIEW7.1 is first installed on Windows XP.
DAQPad-6020E (BNC) with USB is installed after with NI-DAQ7.4 driver.
In Measurement & Automation Explore (MAX), the DAQPad-6020E passed all self-tests and seems to function properly.
However, LabVIEW does not detect the DAQPad-6020E.

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How do you know it's not detected? What functions are you trying to use and what kind of error are you getting? If you are trying to use the DAQ Assistant, then it won't work because your device is only supported by traditional DAQ and the assistant only works with DAQmx.
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I know that DAQPad-6020E uses the NI-DAQ.4 and not supported by DAQmx.  So, I used the traditional DAQ channel VI instead of the DAQ assistant.  However, when clicked to browse for DAQ channel no supported devices were found.  What are somethings I should check for correct installation of hardware device and driver?


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I'm not sure if you can browse for a traditonal channel. I haven't used traditional DAQ since 6.1 and you can't do it there and I haven't tried it with a newer version of LabVIEW. What happens if you specify a device number and channel 0?
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DK is right

One still has to enter manually, the device and channel number for traditional DAQ VI's

Message Edited by devchander on 05-16-2006 06:46 AM

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