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DAQPAD-6016 causes error when trying to read greaer than AI3

I have a DAQPad-6016, and am trying to use it on another application. (I have a new one on its way to me as I write this.)
When I try to read analogue channels greater than AI3 I get an error, It suggests that if I am using an external clock to check that it is present. This happens when I try to use MAX or my application.
I am not using external triggering. Each channel is configured for internal clocking, and I have written a v.small app that looks at just one analog input and I have been changing the assigned channel number each time using DAQmx assistant.
I repeatedly get the same error.
Ta Guy
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Hi Bonhom,

Please can you open MAX ad go to File >> Create Report
then choose Custome Report
Next I need only the following selected options Data Neighbourhood >> DAQmx entries only
Devices and Interfaces >> DAQmx entries only
Scales >> DAQmx entries only
and Software

Run the report (default save My documents/MAX) please send me the htm file and the corresponding support files directory.
Please attach back as a reply and I will look in to this further.

NIUK and Ireland
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