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DAQPAD 6015 w/ Matlab Data Acquistion Toolbox Problem


 I have installed the NIDAQmx 8.8.0f2 drives for my USB DAQPad 6015. It works properly and I can readout signals from the Measurement Explorer.

However, I am having trouble using it with Data Acquisition Toolbox. It seems Matlab cant find the nidaq adaptor:



>> daqhwinfo


ans = 


          ToolboxName: 'Data Acquisition Toolbox'

       ToolboxVersion: '2.11 (R2007b)'

        MATLABVersion: '7.5 (R2007b)'

    InstalledAdaptors: {'winsound'} 



I tried registering the adaptor:



>> daqregister('nidaq')


ans =


Unable to load adaptor: C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2007b\toolbox\daq\daq\private\mwnidaq.dll.

Driver files or DLL for the specified adaptor could not be found or are not installed.


I tried this on both Vista 32 and Windows 7 32, same problem.




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I found and old post, similar problem different device:


"problem solved...

you should uncheck the UAC (user acount control) box under user acounts. 

now it'll install the necessary DLLs for operation once opening Matlab.

you can recheck that box later.




It actually worked, but can someone explain why UAC was the problem?


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The current version of Data Acquisition Toolbox is based on Microsoft's COM and uses the Windows Registry to record the location of the various files used by the toolbox.

See also:


Sherryl Radbil
Data Acquisition Engineer
The MathWorks
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