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DAQExpress missing hardware

I can't use my NI device in DAQExpress.

I have recently installed DAQExpress (version 5.1) and after clicking “Add hardware” on SystemDesigner, it showed my “NI USB-9215A (BNC)” under “MISSING SYSTEMDESIGNER SUPPORT” with the action “Install NI-DAQmx 20.1”, witch I did (I had an earlier DAQmx version). But after the installation and restarting the PC, it still shows the same thing! And now if I click the Install action, the NI Package Manager shows up with “No operation to be performed.”


I know there is a similar post called Install problems on PXIe hardware, but the DAQExpress online manual lists my device as supported (see this page).


I am using Windows 10 and this device is connected to my PC through NI USB-9162 USB Carrier. I have used it with LabVIEW 2019 without any problem and I can test it in NI MAX. My LabVIEW license has expired and I just need a simple application to get analog waveform charts that can be manipulated (like zooming in, witch can't be done in NI MAX DAQmx Tasks).

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