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DAQCard-AI-16XE-50 with NI6715 installed in one laptop

Now I want to buy a NI6715 card and a DAQCard-AI-16XE-50 and install them in one laptop together.I choose the SHC68-68-EP cable for NI6715 and PSHR68-68 cable for DAQCard-AI-16XE-50.I am not sure these two cable can be used together in one laptop.Maybe somebody can tell me?
Thanks a lot!
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The SHC68-68-EP is design to fit in a Daqcard that is in the bottom PCMCIA slot, and the PSHR68-68 (is the strain relief right?) does not has any limitation about space... so if you use the PSHR68-68 cable in the top slot and the SHC68-68-EP in the bottom slot you will work fine. I already check them here.

Good luck!..

Nestor Sanchez
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I really appreciate your help.I can not thank you more!
Now I can order them.

My Best Regards!
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