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I need to drive a National semiconductor ADC converter ADC0808CCN (8
channels, 8 bits parallel output) with the DAQ1200 PCMCIA card. It seems to
be very easy but I stock on this problem.
I have an external clock signal that I would like to use to drive the clock
of the ADC circuit and the CLKB1 DI port to produce a signal each eight
pulse for the start convertion signal and to change each eight pulse the
channel via the three bit address. I wired the start signal (also the
enable) and the address signal on the PB DO ports.
I can get data in continuous.

Does anybody have an idea of the ICTR Control vi to :
1) display the state of the external clock
2) making a start signal each eight pulse
an write it to the PB2 DO

Is it possible to drive such digital pins like PB2 via an external signal
at 150 [Khz] (divide by eight = 18.75 [KHz]) ?

Does anybody has an vi example of such acquisitions from external ADC
circuit with DAQ1200 ?

Thank you for the help
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