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DAQ : precise AO

Raecine, thank you for your response to my previous question. Now I have a new one.

I start a AO, at the falling edge of a trigger. This AO is, in fact, 256 "pulses" during 5 sec. I use it (among other things) to synchronize 256 AIs at the falling edge of the pulses.
To generate this pulse sequence, I have 2 possibilities :
-Store a pulse period in a buffer and generate 256 times (using "number of buffer iteration")
-Store 256 pulses and generate 1 time

I need that the frequency of the pulses is stable. What method shoul I choose ?
Thank you.
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Are all pulses of same length? If so, why don't you use a counter output (if you have one left) to generate this pulse train?
Which DAQ card(s) do you use?
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I am using The DAQ PCI-6024E. Yes it's a true square wave. But the 2 counters available are already used.
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Either method would produce the same result. In my testing, there was not and difference in the output of the two methods I did notice that if I did more update of a smaller wave, I could do other things a little better, but there was not much difference.

Nick Wilson
National Instruments'
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