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DAQ Assistant Issue with NI-DAQmx 17 Driver

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I am experiencing an issue with the DAQ Assistant function after installing the NI-DAQmx 17.0.0 driver from NI's website. I also selected "Search for important messages and updates on NI products being installed". There were no notifications that were alerted.


I am using LabVIEW 2017 64-bit  (Student and Home edition) on Windows 7.


I have restarted the PC after completing the installation. 


When selecting the DAQ Assistant function, the DAQ Assistant wizard is initialized, I then proceed to select the measurement type (Analogue In/Analogue Output, for voltage respectively). The NI modules being used are NI-9264 (AO) and NI-9201 (AI).  I proceed through the wizard ensuring that all parameters were selected within the correct range. Upon completion of the DAQ Assistant Wizard there is a long delay (1 minute) and the DAQ Assistant remains un-configurable as shown below.


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I was thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling LabVIEW but was wondering if anyone had a different approach in mind, to save me burning daylight.Smiley Indifferent

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I've taken the "burn daylight" approach, wish me luck. I'll keep you posted if it resolves the issue. 

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I've uninstalled LabVIEW & DAQmx and reinstalled. Unfortunately the issue remains unresolved... I think I'll need to raise a ticket with NI. 

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I had to uninstall every driver and program associated to LabVIEW and then reinstall. 


The DAQ Assistant block is now working.

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