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DAQ : AO & AI with trigger

I am using a DAQ-6024E. I would like to start an Analog Out generation when a trigger occur and immediately after that, a AI must start to wait another trigger.
I use the "AO trigger config" and then use the function "AO start". But I am afraid of that this function stops the VI a few msec until the trigger occur and so wastes time for the AI. How can I do to start a Analog Out with trigger but with the program running when the I/O card is waiting for the trigger ?? Thank you very much for your help.
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It is possible to have two daq operations running in parallel with each other. So you could interweave the configuration operations of analog input and output, but after you call AO trigger config, you can branch off two separate series of daq VI's (by wiring error out/error in terminals). One will be for Analog Output and the other to finish out your Analog Input.

Raecine Meza
National Instruments
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