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DAC NI 6009 - Relay 5V 1A FL-3FF - Solenoid Valve

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Dear all, 


I am developing an application from a DAC 6009, in which it will receive a signal (as if it were a button being pressed) and when receiving this signal a relay, I imagine using one similar to the FL-3FF (datasheet is attached ) in this Post, will activate a 12V / 250mA solenoid valve.


As the DAC does not have enough current to activate the valve, I will use the relay, but my fear is that the DAC will also not be able to activate the relay, I did not obtain any information through the datasheet that would give me this certainty, that is why I am here .


As I know the sensitivity of the DAC's digital output, and the chance of a current returning, whether due to FEM or other factors, I consider applying a diode such as the 1N5817 which has a low voltage drop (typical .45V) between the DAC and the relay. Apart from this point, would anyone else have something to consider that could help me?

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Just to ensure you use the right terminology, it is DAQ and not DAC.


Now, to control a relay you can use the DIO channels to control but the DIO channels are signal channels which means they are limited in current drive capability. 


Maximum current the DIO channels can handle while satisfying the TTL logic is 8.5mA which is nowhere close to directly turn ON any electromechanical relay.




Now, you need some kind of electronic device that can work on this digital signal and switch a larger signal. These are typically transistors or FET or MOSFETs.

To keep things simple, you can buy relay board (come in varying number of channels or relays per board) compatible with Arduino that look like the below images,




These boards can be driven with a TTL compatible logic signal and with external 5V or 12V to power the relays themselves.



Soliton Technologies

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Hello, thanks for your feedback.


Sorry for the error in the nomenclature, I'm from Brazil, and here the name of the device translated into the local language is like DAC, hence the confusion of terms. Thanks for the correction.


I would also like to thank you for your help regarding the relay, I initially used this type of relay for Arduino (ATMEGA), together with an external source to activate it.


If you have any future questions, I will get back to you.


Greetings from Brazil.

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Returning to leave as an answer for people who may experience the same project difficulty in the future.

Using a 6009 and a JQC 3FF 5V Relay, 
I connected the relay from the 5V / GND of the 6009 to the DC + and DC - terminals of the relay,
and the relay activation signal
I used P0.3 of the 6009 and everything operated correctly to me.
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