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Cylinder pressure.



I was trying to acquire the cylinder pressure using USB 6211. This is triggered sensor for top desk center which is acquired at PFI3 . Moreover  the pressure values are acquired which are clocked and the source of this clock is another sensor which attached at PFI0. I have also attached the Vi. 


But my problem is that I always get the :200019 error, 


"ADC conversion attempted before prior conversion was complete. Increase the period between ADC conversions. If you are using an external clock, check your signal for the presence of noise or glitches.


I checked the signal of these sensors i.e. external clock source and trigger source on oscilloscope. They were ideal. Then I increase my sample rate to 200k eventhough the machine runs at 40Hz maximum. But still I was getting the error 200019.


Then the change from USB to PCI cards PCI 6025 and PCI 6071e. But there is no success.

Hence please recommend some changes because this has been going on since over one months. I case some specific information is required please write back as soon as possible

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Can you give an information on which signal connect to which pin number in detail?

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Thanks KateB

At first I would like to inform you that I am using HOA2003 Transmissive Optoschmitt Sensor from Honeywell which produce very fine pulses which I analyze on oscilloscope. The pin connection is attached in the picture. 

Thanks for reply.

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 KateB, could you please answer the my quarry.
Also attaching the HOA2003 sensor datasheet which is being used for Top dead center as well as clock source. To clarify these are two separate sensor.

Could there be some problem with clock source i.e. the current output of the HOA2003 sensor?
Please clarify. Thanks in advance



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