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Cross talk between two DAQs

Hello Guys,I have a problem if you can help me, it will be much appreciated!!!!


 I am using two different DAQ devices on two different
computers. I am using BNC 2111 (PCI 6221) on one system and USB 6008 on
another. I have connected these two device with T-junction BNC, which means
that the incoming signal (signals are analog from 0 to 10 VDC with BNC
wires) are divided into two at BNC 2111; one goes into BNC2111 and other goes into
USB 6008. I think I am having a cross talk between these two acquisition
devices; when USB 6008 acquire the data I see a little peak in data at BNC 2111. So
to solve this problem I was think to use BNC ground loop isolator available in
the market for video surveillance (these are available from DC to MHz range: ).
Can you please suggest of what do you think about the problem and solution?
And feel free to suggest any other solution or any other device-type. I will
really appreciate it.
Thankyou and thanks for reading thisSmiley Happy

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Take a look a this document regarding reducing cross talk in BNC connector blocks, it gives some good suggestions for reducing the effects you're seeing.  



National Instruments
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