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Crash while working with multiple USB-6002 on same machine



for an experimantal Setup I sometimes have to use 4-6 USB-6002 Devices (reading 2 sensors and controlling 1 motor each) on the same desktop machine running a sepreate LabView-exe (2014) for each USB-Device. This does work in principal, but after some time the LV-exe crashes, making long term measurements with this setup impossible. I tried front and back usb 2 and 3 plugs on the machine, but the problems just keeps coming back. Is this a problem most likely related to the LV-exe, the runntime engine or driver or might it even be a hardware problem on the desktop machine?




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are you working in Windows 10?

Then LabVIEW 2014 is not supported for that.


Have you tried with LabVIEW 2018 SP1?


In general so many USB devices are not reccomended in parallel. There might be issues with the USB Manager in Windows, the USB Port Chip on the Motherboard and others, hard to tell.


Have you considered to use one LabVIEW Applikation? Or one device like the cDAQ?


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