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Converting Analog Voltage to a Reference Voltage, Current, Pressure.



I am very new to LabView, and am currently using the USB-231 to convert measured 0-10 V signals from a high voltage power supply and an ion pump and converting them into the appropriate voltage (0-250kV), current and pressure readings and display to the user. 


I don't know the exact conversion factors for pressure and current readings from the ion pumps yet. 


Anything helps, thank you!

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Knowing the conversion factors from the sensors or instruments is the ONLY WAY to convert the voltage measurements into respective engineering units.


Because based on the sensor sensitivity, 1V could be equivalent to 1Pa or 1MPa or any value, without knowing the sensitivity you CANNOT convert the voltage into actual readings.


BTW, LabVIEW has nothing to do with knowing these factors, all that you're going to do is to use the Instrument driver API to read voltage and do some math operation (multiplication etc.,) to convert the voltage into respective parameters and this is applicable to any programming language (C, C++, MATLAB, Java, Python, C# etc.,)

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