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Convert array or dynamic to Boolean array

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Dear All,
I am using simple edge detection VI with included sub VI, so in that VI they use Boolean array as an input and in my case I have an array data of my signal or also have dynamic waveform of my timer signal it actually looked like square wave so I want to use my data to the input of that VI, but I didn't convert my array data to boolean array. How I can do this conversion to the use of array data into that VI.

Please find attached file of related to my problem.


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Hi Shesha,


It is not an exact solution. How about this?

You save previous wave data using a shift register. 

Then subtract the data value of the previous loop in next loop. 

You have to consider threshold value & first loop value. 


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Accepted by topic author Shesha12345
04-16-2019 07:38 PM

If your data is literally a square wave and low level is 0, just send the whole array through a "Not Equal to 0?" primitive.  If the low is not a zero or you want to specify the threshold yourself, just use any of the less/greater than (or equal to) primitives.  Wire your array of numerics into one terminal and a single numeric into the other:



There is also the "Transition Measurements" VI that will return the location of transitions in a waveform, which is probably a better way to achieve what you want than by making a boolean array.  I'm also not sure what the 1000 ms wait is doing in your loop unless you only want that graph to update once a second...

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