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Controls Pallette grayed out in Eval copy of LabView?

I was trying to go through the Getting Started Tutorial for LabView 8.2.
This calls for the use of the Controls Pallette, which is disabled.
Is this disabled under evqal license or is something else going on?
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The evaluation version of LabVIEW does not have any features disabled due to the evaluation license. 

It sounds like you are in the block diagram - in which case you will only be able to access the functions palette.  If you switch to the front panel (by either selecting Window»Show Front Panel or pressing Ctrl+E) you should then be able to access the controls palette.

Have fun getting started with LabVIEW!


Simon H
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hey Simon, I tried to activate the control palette by pressing Ctrl+E as well as Window>>Show front panel. However, the control palette is still grayed out. I cannot use it for further computation Also, I am using the 45days evaluation copy. Requesting you to kindly assist. Regards, Pranav.

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You posted to a very old thread and one that is in the wrong board. Please start a new thread in the LabVIEW board with additional details such as version and os.
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