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Controlling an NI-9263

Hello everybody,


I was told to purchase an analog A/O board for a project in lab. It was my first time doing anything with National Instruments, and I think I confused CompactDAQ with the "DAQ" unit I had (a USB-6000), so I ordered a NI-9263, and figured that would be that.


Do I need to order anything else to make the NI-9263 work with LabView, or can I just get a 15-pin VGA to USB cable. If that won't work, can you suggest a component that will work directly as an analog A/O with LabView?




Adam Mizes

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     From the technical side, the NI-9263 won't work by itself as it is meant to be used with the cDAQ chassis, that for example contains the timing engine and the power source for the module.


   One option could be to buy a cDAQ chassis for this, another option could be to buy a NI USB-6000. In either case I would recommend calling NI (for sales stuff (888) 280-7645) and they should be able to help you better with this.  


   Incidentally, if you've already spoken with NI and one of their sales engineers helped you in your purchase, they might accept the module you bought back. 

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