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Controlling a 4-Way Pneumatic Valve with the NI 9269 Module

Currently we are trying to to control the ARO® Premair™ 4-Way, 2-position, direct-acting solenoid air control valve (P211SS-024-D) using LabVIEW. The goal is to control the valve and have it switch at varying frequencies. After setting it up, and cascaded up three channels in series on the NI 9269 Module to supply a voltage up to 30 V, the valve did not flip. I wanted to ensure that the valve was not the problem,  so I connected 24 V battery supply and it worked fine.


I have a suspicion that the NI 9269 does not meet the power requirement of the valve. If it is not possible to power the valve using the NI 9269, a would a relay and external power supply be necessary? If that is the case, where would.


 I am looking for any and all insight on this. Any help is very much appreciated.

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On the 9269 link you included, the channels are listed as isolated in a way that allows you to stack the channels to reach 40V, but the current drive is listed as +20mA per channel max (+10mA typical). Based on that info, P=IV, and the power requirements listed for the 3rd party device that you have (I saw 1.9W), it appears that the 9269 doesn't have the necessary power requirements.


Did you see something different that caused you to believe the 9269's power would be sufficient?

Christine B
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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When first looking for a module to power the valve, I only thought about the voltage requirement. I understand now that it would not have worked.


Now the valve is hooked the valve to a NI 9482 Relay and a 24 V power supply. I am having a hard time connecting to the device through LabVIEW. I am using the cDAQ NI 9174. When the relay is connected, all the other modules disconnect when looking for in the Measurement & Automation Explorer. 


Here the simple Block Diagram I came up with in order to turn try to control the relay. 



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