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Controling a cDAQ from a web page



What I want to do is pretty hard but this is a good challenge.

I want to control a LED from a website.


If the user click on a button in a webpage available worldwide, it turns on the LED. I know it's possible. If I succeed in doing this, there are many possible applications.


So I will have my Labview codes running on a computer dedicated for that. A cDAQ-9189 with an ethernet connection (because it is stable compared to USB connexions that fail with time) is connected to the LED with a module (DOT 24V).


Do you think this hardware part can work ? In my case what's the best choice between cDAQ and CRio ?

Any tip / idea ?


Of course, if the hardware is ok the hard part will be finding a way to connect Labview codes to a website (I have some ideas exporting the Labview codes as an executable then turning them into Windows services, etc..)

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Hi Oxbow8,


Daniel Parrot has a seminar called Build A Web App for Your Test System in 30 Minutes that shows how you can use the LabVIEW NXG Web Module to create the kind of system you describe.


The webinar shows how to modify an existing LabVIEW application to make data available in SystemLink Cloud and then how to write a WebVI (the actual web page) that is hosted in SystemLink cloud to access the same data. Hopefully it can be a useful starting point!

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Thanks !

There are a lot of studies about "massive open online laboratory". Here in switzerland, many universities have online websites where the students in chemistry can connect online with industrial installations. They can control a tank, a distillation colomn etc from a html page that is connected to some running Labview codes.
My question is : how do you communicates between a html page and a labview code ?
It looks basic and essential for me. Is it something that absolutely nobody has ever achieved here ?
If someone in India, USA, UK, Germany, anywhere in the world turn on the ON button on the website, it should turn the LED on. What I am looking to achieve is "just" communication between Labview codes and a website. To run Labview codes via a website. Is it that rare ?

It is so basic but nobody never did this ? Only local labview automation ?
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Hi Oxbow8,


Did you have a chance to look through the content of the Webinar? The end result of it is that you have a LabVIEW application that is controlled by a webpage (WebVI) securely over the public internet. I think it aligns pretty well with the type of task you are describing.

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It looks really complicated but I will try !

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