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Continuous sampling when externally triggered



I need to sampling analog signal but the sampling rate is not constant or known. However, I do have negative TTL signal indicating when the sampling needs to be performed. The TTL signal rate can range from 10 Hz to 700 Hz. Is it possible to externally trigger the E series card with the negative TTL signal so that the card will sample the analog signal once every time the card is triggered?

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Hi hlseck,

configure your timing source as external and connect your TTL signal that you should make positive to one of the available PFI lines.
This should work.

Best regards,
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If pulse rate is low, you probably try what I show in attached screenshot, but if pulse rate is higher than 100Hz, I'm afraid this is not feasible with E series.

This also depends what you're doing in the loop. 

Using R-series can solve the problem by throwing all these tasks to FPGA.


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