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Continuous Digital Waveform Output on PCI 6602

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I am using PCI 6602 to get continuous 1MHz square wave output from DIO1~32 sequentially controlled by LabVIEW. I used Ctr0 to generate a 2MHz clock and used Ctr0InternalOutput as the source of sample clock for DIO1~32. I attached the code and screeshots as follows.

The code is working fine on PCIe-6251 and the 1MHz digital waveform is very stable.

But when I run it on PCI 6602 I got an error -200077 (you have requested: sample clock; you can request: on demand).

Does PCI 6602 support hardware timing?. I didn't find information about this from its specs. If it doesn't support, how can I avoid this and get what I want? Thanks!


Version: LabVIEW 8.2

hardware: PCI 6602

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The PCI 6602 does not support hardware-timed digital waveform generation.  You can find this information on the product page or in the specifications document:





You can use the 8 counters of the 6602 to get 8 synchronized pulse trains, but clocking out arbitrary digital data is unfortunately not possible on this board.



Best Regards,

John Passiak
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John, Thank you very much! Yi


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