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Connections on DAQ9174 with NI9949 and a torque+angle sensor

Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help me with a torque and angle measurement.

I have a FUTEK TRD605 and

I'm trying to connect this torque sensor with NI9949 (connecting with NI9237) and NI9401 (for TTL angle signal) in this way (montaje1), but when I use the Measurement and automation explorer and watch the module2 there are a lot of noise (picture 2) and when I applied a torque in mi sensor arrives to saturation at 0.025 (picture 3 and 4), the other thing what happens is that when I test the module 1 (angle) there are noise too (picture5), I think that I’m connecting something bad but if I get to measure not until saturation would be good.

I have 2 power supplies one of 5V and other one of 12V, also I have connected a Gauge in an NI9944 but I think that this is well connected.

Other assembly would be the picture montaje2 attached in this message.

Thank you!

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