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Connecting external power supply to NI 9205 to allow voltages outside nominal input range

I am currently working on building a new DAQ system for running various tests, which include supplying power to DC motors. I would like to have an input that can read the voltage/current from an external variable power supply and send the same signal out back to the motor. However, the voltage range of the ADC module (NI 9205) we have is +/- 10 V, and I need to be able to set the power supply to up to 18 V for our larger motors. I have been working off of a DAQ that is already set up that does this, but whoever built it did not route the wires in a way that is particularly easy to follow. Would someone be able to assist me in properly wiring my hardware? Thanks.

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Hi, are you sure there isn't a voltage divider in there somewhere? It sounds strange that it should be possible to read a voltage that much higher than the maximum.

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