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Connecting PCIe-6363 to BNC-2090A

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I have been using the PCIe-6363 for quite some time. It has 4 total analog output (AO) channels, but I have only needed to access 2 of them so far. It has been connected to a BNC-2110 terminal block, which has been sufficient so far. I understand that to access the additional 2 AO channels I could get another BNC-2110 and connect to the PCIe-6363 with another 68 pin connector, but I'm wondering if there is a BNC terminal block that allows for two 68 pin connections and can access all the channels provided by the 6363.


I've found the BNC-2090 and BNC-2090A, which have 2 63 pin connections, but claim to have only 2 AO channels. Is it possible to connect the 6363 to a 2090A with two cables and access all 4 AO channels (and all 4 counters at that)?

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No, it doesn't appear to be possible to do that.  The pinouts for the 6363 device and the manual for the 2090a (see pg. 1-5 for dual-connector M-series devices) suggest that you'd need qty 2 of the 2090a BNC connector blocks.


1. The 2090a manual references M-series b/c it probably predates X-series devices like yours.  NI has long worked to keep pinouts on their MIO devices compatible wherever possible.  That leads to a pretty standardized connector 0 and then whatever extra I/O a given device may have gets assigned to connector 1.


2. Another thing of note is that *ALL* of the 6363's PFI-designated terminals that will be needed for counter I/O are found on connector 0, none on connector 1.  I haven't cross-referenced everything carefully, but maybe you can use a new 2090a for connector 0 (2 AO, all counter I/O) while re-using your existing 2110 solely for the other 2 AO?



-Kevin P

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Thanks for the reply. That is what I had originally thought when seeing the diagram on 1-5 as you mentioned, but wanted to double-check. Looks like we will need to keep the old 2110 around either way.

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