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Connecting BNC-2120 to External Quad. Encoder (A/B/index)

My Setup:

PCI-6024E & BNC-2120 & an external quadrature encoder with (A+/B+/index) signals.



Need to measure frequency (may be upto 2KHz) and direction based upon above.



Q1... How do I connect PCI-6024/BNC-2120 to encoder signals (A+/B+/index) ?

Q2... Whre can I find the  list of Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) terminal names and their NI-DAQmx equivalents ?

(I am not able to locate P0.6 etc on my BNC-2120)

Q3....Any sample program to do acquisition with setup similar to above  will be great start.


Quad Encoder being used is: Mercury2000 SS-200c


best regards

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Hi Sandeepvd,

           It looks like this is a very similar post to your other one here.  I would recommend taking a look at the documentation that Adnan pointed you to.  Additionally, I believe that you'll want to connect A+ to PFI 8, which is your counter 0 source of the 6124e, and B+ to P0.6, you'll leave the index unwired, or you could also wire it to a PFI line to be used as a sample clock.  For examples- I would recommend check out any example that does implicitly timed beffered edge counting .  The terminal names don't change between Traditional DAQ and DAQmx, I've pointed out where P0.6 is in the picture below, which can also be found here.   Some additional documentation that might be helpful:

Using Quadrature Encoders with E Series DAQ Boards

Can My E Series Counter Detect Both Rising and Falling Edges of My Quadrature Encoder Signal?

DevZone Example: Quadrature Encoder with E Series Devices Using

HowDo I Use a Quadrature Encoder with My Data Acquisition Board?


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