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Configuring a analogue channel

I am currently trying to set up labview for a torsion test machine
I have an encoder which output 500 pulses per revolution and need to convert this to degrees (i.e 1.38 pulses = 1 degree)
I need to know how to use this to scale the outoput from the encoder to degrees!
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With DAQmx you can create a task using Measurement and Automation Explorer. Under counter input, select the angular position type and then configure the pulses per revolution, inital angle, and units. From the information you gave the number of pulses per revolution would be 496.8, or perhaps because of rounding error it was 500 originally.

You can name your task and use it within LabVIEW by wiring a task control to any of the DAQmx VIs and selecting the task you had created.
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Thanks, Sorry to keep at it but im not sure what terminals to connect the signals to, I see terminals for GPCTR source and gate is this what im looking for
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Hello Cruh,

Your encoder should have two phases, Phase A and Phase B. Connect Phase A to the source of the counter. See the pinout of your DAQ device for more details of the pin number. Connect Phase B to DIO 6, which is the Up/Down line for Counter 0. Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!

Marni S.
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