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Configuring a Load cell in Ni MAX



I have been having issues configuring a load cell properly in Ni MAX. I wired the load cell up correctly and recieve a value but the value is not scaled correctly.



From the calibration sheet I am giving the following

The load cell is a Sensotec model 41 which I beleive is the same as a Honeywell model 41

Input Resistance: 452 ohms

Output Resistance: 352 ohms

Capacity: 5000 lbs compression

Excitation: 10.0 Volts

Calibration Factor: 3.0221 MV/V

Shunt Resistor: 59 K ohms

Shunt Cal Factor. 1.4882


With these values how do I configure the bridge scale in MAX?


Thank you for your time.

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This should get you started on scaling your data correctly.

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