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Configuring SCC-68 with MAX

Hi all,


I am in the middle of my system setup and I am using a PCI-6731 and SCC-68.  My problem is that in the setup manual for configuring the SCC, after following the instructions for configuration either SCC-68 is not selectable on the drop down list (although SCB-68 is) or the cabled device drop down box is greyed out and the following error is highlighted:   No digitizer is available. Please add a digitizer before configuring your SCC Connector block.


I have installed MAX 3.0.0, NI-DAQmx 8.8 and LabVIEW 8.6.  I simply want the SCC-68 to be selectable.


Any useful input I would be very much obliged!


Kindest regards.

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The fact that you cannot select the 6731 for the terminal block will not affect your use of the DAQ card. It's just a dumb terminal block.

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Hi Knight of NI,


Thank you for your reply.  However, I should still be able to see this device with MAX as demonstrated in the manuals.  I am attempting to control a galvoscanner system using Matlab.


Kind regards

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You can manually add it though you cannot assign it to the 6731.


And, as I mentioned, it really does not matter whether its visible in MAX or not or whether you are using MATLAB or any other programming language. You simply use the SCC-68 as a terminal block and your program does not reference it in any way.

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