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Configuration of NI-9205 for differential input

I am running LabVIEW 2015 on a cDAQ-9133 CompactDAQ Controller. I want to use an NI 9205 to provide 16 differential analog inputs.  I can not find a method of configuring the module to be differential or single-ended.  I found this post:
but I don't know where to find the configuration page supposedly accessible through "module properties in the LabVIEW project".  My LabVIEW project has no such module properties selection that I can find.  Perhaps that is a difference between cDAQ and CRIO?  It seems to me that the natural place to look for a hardware configuration page is NI-Max.  That program sees the module, but the configuration selection does not bring up a page that allows one to chose the type of input.  Am I missing some software?


Is there any way to configure the module through software (LabVIEW)?  Perhaps using the NI-DAQmx VIs?  Is there an example program for setting up this hardware?

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You can find the connection diagram in NI-MAX. To use single-ended you will use pin 17 as the (-).

You can view this by going in NI-MAX and follow these steps:

  • select you device (NI 9205)
  • right click and create task
  • Select to Acquire Signals >> Analog Input >> Voltage
  • Select all the analog inputs (ai0-ai31)
  • Than finish
  • Make sure that the Terminal Configuration is set to RSE
  • At the bottom of the page is a connection diagram. Click of that
  • Than you can select the channels in your task and it will show you the set up.


Hope this help!

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