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Conecting capacitive MEMS accelerometer to cDAQ

Hi! I want to connect a MEMS accelerometer (see attachment) to a cRIO-9074 but I am not pretty sure of what kind of C series module should I use. I need to be able to measure vibrations from 0 to 100Hz. The C series specific modules for vibration are 9232 and 9234 but I have read that NI 9215 can be a better choice for MEMS sensors. I am not used to handle with accelerometers so I am not sure of what parameters should I take into account for the C series selection. Thank you for any help. Regards.
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Hi dear Nryk.


I´m having the same problem now.


I want to ask you if you could solved this topic.


Best regards


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You should start another thread for your problems, but let me briefly answer by saying that if your MEMS sensor requires excitation voltage, and you don't have any outside charge amplifier that connects with the sensor and converts the sensor value to ±10V, you should use NI 9234 or others depending on the excitation the sensor requires.

Use this article to help find the correct excitation you need.


If the power is already provided to the sensor via another amp and the sensor value is already converted to proper ±5 or 10V voltage, then you can use NI 9215.

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Thanks for your answer friend.


We had bougth four PCB MEMS accelerometers - Model:  3711E112G and we have also a NI 9134 Module (from National Instruments) with a NI-9188 Ethernet Chassis. 
We want to kow if is possible connect directly our sensors to the NI-9134 Module. What we would do to connect our devices MEMS PCB to our NI 9234 (respect to choose one conector to our cable).
I send you the respective images from the devices.
Thanks in advance
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