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Computer doesn't start when USB-6341 is hooked up and switched on



When an USB-6341 is connected to the computer and switched on while starting, or restarting for that matter, the machine would not start. It doesn't even show the BIOS screen. The motherboard has power (LEDs are illuminated), all fans are running, but there is only a black screen with no signal. When the USB-6341 is switched off but still connected, the machine starts as it should. The device works without errors.


Steps taken so far (no change in behaviour):

- Windows fast startup deactivated

- using an USB 2.x instead of a 3.x socket

- Fiddled around with usb BIOS settings

- Tested with a different computer

- Tested with a different USB-6341

- i am NOT using a HP motherboard


Thanks for any help



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