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CompactRIO Custom module without cRIO-9951 MDK

I need to create a custom module to compactRIO without cRIO-9951 MDK.
I have an eeprom programmed with content similar to module 9211 to
make some tests.
Now I have to connect the eeprom in the 15 pins connector to see if
Labview detects my module as 9211.
After that i will program an eeprom with my module data and expect
labview detects my module

My problem is that i dont know how to connect the eeprom in the 15
pins conector.

Does anybody can help me?

Best regards all
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Hi anonymous,


Unfortunately the documentation for the connector interface is only available with the MDK, and the license forbids distribution.  There is more information available here:



Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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