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CompactRIO 9053 and CompactDAQ 9178

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I have to chose an NI acquisition component to measure a product for a long period of time, and we don't want to use a computer to run the program NI (Windows...). So we want to use a CRIO (9053) for this part and to record the data.


The problem I encounter is : because of the noise the utilities will generate, so we want them away from the test bench. But we have to monitore them for the good functionning of the control (thermocouple, electronic valve, etc). I think several meter of cables (between the CRIO and the sensors) will not help for the good looking, good measurements and everything else.


So I have a CDAQ 9178 free on my shelf, and I was wondering if it's possible to connect the CRIO 9053 and 9178 together, as master/slave.


The CRIO 9053 near the tes bench, with a USB cable to the CDAQ 9178 which is near the utilities.


I didn't find the info on the datasheet, or it's common knowledge?


Thank you by advance for your answers, and sorry for the broken english !


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From Controlling a cDAQ Module from a cRIO or cDAQ Controller

You can also use USB CompactDAQ chassis, like cDAQ-917x, with NI-DAQmx-supported cRIOs, like cRIO-904x and cRIO-905x.


However, note that you will get additional latency of 10+ ms from the USB communication, as compared to controlling the modules in the cRIO directly.

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