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CompactDAQ triggering off a load from 9237

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I am trying to trigger off of a load threshold from a load cell monitoring load. It seems that the 9237 doesn't directly have that functionality like some of the analog in modules. I also need to capture a second or two of pretrigger data. My programming skills are at a CLAD level and was wondering if A: this is possible (which I thing it is running a bunch of loops) B: or if anyone has attempted this with any success?




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Hi Matt,

 With the 9237, you'll still be able to do an analog software trigger. There's a really good example here that you may find very helpful.  The example was built for a 9233, but you can change the task to a strain/custom voltage with exe task to suit your 9237.  I gave this a shot with a simulated device and it worked well.  Let me know if you have more questions after checking that out.  Have a good one!


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The link is not working. Could you please provide the link again? 

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