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CompactDAQ Modules Oversampling and internal filters compared to USB-4431



I hope I got the right forum. 


We are thinking of getting a CompactDAQ system. Actually we are using a USB-4431.

My colleague mentioned, that the USB-4431 is using oversampling internally. Are the Compact-DAQ AI modules, for example, or the whole system using this technique, too?

Are there other internal filter differences (probably depending on the different modules?)? The data sheets aren't mentioning such things to my knowledge. (Where may I find information about this stuff?)


Thank you very much in advance!



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Hello budist,


interesting moduls for you are

NI 9234 or NI 9250 and NI 9232

please look into the datashet to better compare them.

best regards
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Hey Alexander,


thank you for the reply and the module selection!

The other modules provide the same oversampling rate.

Sadly the modules are only for +/- 5 V but maybe a 3 channel one will do it.


Best Regards,


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