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Combiing two VIs onto a front panel

I'm interested in combining a function generator VI and a data logger VI (as
shown in Labview examples) in such a way that I can fit both of them on one
front panel (neatly), and have both VIs reading the same time (or hooked
into one clock). The application is for logging transducer (or temperature)
measurements from multiple channels, while having the option to do function
generation from the same front panel. I hope this makes sense. Any advice?
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Yes you can do that. In order to get hints as to how you can do this efficiently and neatly, look for Simul AIAO Buffer example under ..\LabVIEW 6\examples\daq\anlog_io\anlog_io.llb

The critical part is to eliminate the unnecessary overhead of VI out. You would be using one while loop after combining the VIs. Simple data logger is not the most efficient way to acquire data continously because it was software overhead in a sense that it uses the high level vi.
hope this would get you started.

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