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Collecting TC measurements with nidaqmx python module - rounding decimal place during measurement


I've been following this ( video to use the python nidaqmx module to collect TC measurements with a cDAQ-9172 chassis and 9211 card.


The following code is directly from the video (except I'm using my own DAQ):


with nidaqmx.Task() as task:


    while i < 30:

        data =




This prints out temperature values like this:



Does any one know if there is built in support via the module to round the collected data point down to 24.98? I can do this downstream if really need be, but I am specifically interested in knowing if I can record data points at 2 decimal places with the nidaqmx module instead.





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Probably not. The API will return the data as a double precision floating point value. You'll have to do whatever kind of formatting you want later on, as suspected. 

Nathan Murphy
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