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Cheap I/O hardware for Mac (USB?)

I am looking to do some hobby programming with LV on a Mac. Maybe some home-automation, for example.

So I'd like to be able to do some basic I/O or DAQ stuff. The minimum would be some digital I/O (for turning switches ON and OFF for example) and, if possible, even some analog input.

I have LV5.1 and a Mac. Is there any cheap harware out there for something like this? Perferrably with LV drivers included?

A good start might even be some kind of USB "breakout-box" where I can turn the lines ON and OFF with LV. Any tips?

Price is the key factor here... I can't afford to shell out hundres of dollars for a multi-function DAQ board from NI. I'm looking for a solution that is under $100.
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The cheapest board which is supported by Mac and will match your need is the PCI-1200. You can check for the price at You can install NI-DAQ 6.6 which is the latest version which supports Mac and Labview.
Hope this helps.
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