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Cdaq 9139 touch panel


I have a cdaq 9139 with 2 NI 9234 AI modules and 2 NI 9264 AO modules and also a TCP 2212 touch panel.

The cdaq running lv real time 14. 0 like the host computer who which has lv 2014 installed with RT 14 on Windows xp.

The cdaq connects directly to the host pc and is identified in MAX.

Now I want to do the following set up:

1. Add an application from the pc to the cdaq to run stand alone at startup (generation and acquiring signals).
2. The UI of the application will be controlled from the touch panel.
3. The set up has to run stand alone.

How Can I do that?

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Hi Boris,


You can certainly achieve setup you described above. Here is a general topology

-Create LabVIEW project

-Add your devices to the project (cDAQ and touchpanel)

- Write your real time application for cdaq 9139 which is interacting with host(we will treat touch panel as host)

Here is an article that talks about different communication methods between RT and Host


-  Based on the article above setup your host vi (touch panel VI)

- Once you have everything working on development machine, that is your real-time VI is able to talk to Host VI. Build start-up application for your controller and another application for touch panel.

Building and deploying stand-alone RT application:

Application deployment to touch panels


Now, all of the above steps will require some development time especially if you are new to this process. Everything is documented on and simple searching will get you everything you need. If you happen to get stuck with something then post on the forum.



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Thanks I'll try to do this.

What had to be installed on the touch panel? Is a full version of LabVIEW required? I just can't see our add the TCP 2212 in my project tree...
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Your touch panel should be already preinstalled with NI software. Generally, you would need to have LabVIEW Run-Time engine installed on your touch panel.  Essentially, touch panel is nothing else but another computer compacted in a small roughed form.


If you are using LabVIEW 2014 then you should be able to add TPC-2212 touch panel to your project.

Right Click on Project: Title >>Targets and Devices>>Specify a target or device by IP address>> Type in IP address of your touch panel and select your touch panel model under Touch Panel section.

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Thanks. LabVIEW remote development was missing in the touch panel . Now it connects.

I've created a RT application and deployed it to the cdaq to run at startup, but it seems that the application doesn't (because I see that the cpu usage on the cdaq is 0%) run even tough it works when I run it from the project Explorer.

How can I know if the app actually runs at startup? If it doesn't run, where can I see if there is an error or what is the reason for that?

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Look at your controller, you should have 4 LEDs there. One of them is User 1 LED and you have an ability to toggle it ON and OFF. You should be able to access it from your LabVIEW project via I/O node. 


Drop this I/O node in your code and toggle it ON/OFF. This will give you some visual and you'll know if your code is running. 


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Thanks Miro, actually i knew about the user LED. And as I suspected my startup aplication doesn't run on the cDAQ at start up (despite the fact that it was successfully deployed as startup application).


Is there any way to know what is the reason for that? is there any error log which I can see?




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Here are some things you can do:


-Enable console out on your cRIO and connect a monitor to your controller. You should be able to see controller processes.




- enable application debugging then debugg it remotly


I hope this helps

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