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Can you add a delay after the trigger before data capture on the USB-6009

I am trying to determine if there is a way to add a delay to the triggering of the USB-6009.  I would like to capture the data 1 second after the trigger even occurs.  Everything I have seen with waits and delays are for the VI itself.  I need to create the delay insided the DAQ Assistant.

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If the low cost 6009 supports it, there is a Delay property of the trigger class. You would need to stop using the DAQ Assistant and use the lower level DAQmx functions.

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Thanks for the infomation Dennis.  Do you have any guidance on how to do that?  I will spend sometime today trying to figure it out.  Do you know if I would have to change from the DAQ assistant in every instance or just the one time that I need the 1 second delay?



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You can right click on a DAQ Assistant and select 'Generate NI DAQmx Code'. There are numerous examples as well. Help>Example Finder>Hardware Input and Output>DAQmx.


I don't ever see a need for a single DAQ Assistant but as long as you are stopping the task in one, you should be able to create a new one with the low level functions.

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I was not able to figure out how to use the DAQmx functions and the USB 6009 did not have the delay property that you spoke of.  Instead, I populated an array with 10Hz data and through out the first 10 (not the most elegant, but it will work I guess.)  I will look into the USB 6210 to see if it has the delay property that you spoke of when I purchase it.  I need the low range accuracy readings that it supposedly provides.

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Hey Scott,


The 6210 does support the delay property and is more accurate than the 6009 (88 uV accuracy on the ±200 mV range as opposed to 37.5 mV on the ±1 V range of the 6009).



Best Regards,

John Passiak
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