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Can't read voltage from more than one channel (DAQmx read)

I have a SCB 68A connector from National Instruments and I want to read out the noise signal from it. So I used the example code (voltage1channel.png) provided by National Instruments (


I got 5 mV which is a reasonable value (I measured the noise signal with an oscilloscope). Now I want to read out the noise signal from few channels. So I sightly changed the VI: voltage2channels.png (according to the documentation I need to create an array of channels and flatten them): 

But now I read out approximately 200 mV on both channels (and one of them is the same as in the first VI). It doesn't make any sense.

What am I doing wrong?


I want the user to be able to choose the channels, so I can't just write "Dev1/ai0:4".

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