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Can't Connect USB 6353 to Windows XP Computer


So I downloaded all the software (LabView 2012 Full Development and DAQmx) and the USB-6353 DAQ isn't recognized by the Windows XP computer I'm using. I was able to connect the DAQ to a different computer and it was fully functional.


I tried opening NI Device Manager and then plugging it into the USB slot but nothing happens. Previously the computer would recognize the device but MAX wouldn't recognize it, however now the computer doesn't either


Any Suggestions?

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1) If you open Device Manager, is there Data Acquisition Devices (with an NI logo) anywhere?

2) Could you provide a screenshot of the device manager with the USB controller tab expanded?

3) Could you try a different USB hub?

4) Is NI Device Loader running in Services?

5) Are any lights on on the device when you connect it to the XP computer?


Thank you,
Eric E.

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