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Can i use usb 6009 with the real time windous target of matlab?

I am working with the usb 6009, i need to control a dc motor usin a neurofuzzy network and the discrete-time model of the system.


I have the simulations in matlab.


I have used the usb 6009 with matlab and simulink to adquire some data, but now i need to adquire and generate data simultaneusly in real time to control the motor. When i use the functions getdata and putsample  I get a sample time of 70 ms but i need a sample time of 10 ms.


Can i use usb 6009 with the real time windous target of simulink?


There are other options to use the  usb 6009 with simulink in real time?





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USB 6009 is a basic Data Acquisition Card. It has one Analog to Digital
converter (ADC) so it uses a multiplexer for its various channels. This means
that when you are reading or acquiring several signals at the same time only
one signal will pass through the device at any given time, then after some milliseconds
the following signal will pass and so on, so if you compare each of your
signals you will be able to notice some time difference. Depending on the
application this time difference might not be important, however on some other
application, like control applications, this time difference should be
critical. On the latter, a DAC card with an ADC for each channel is preferred. With that in mind, you can use USB 6009 with data acquisition in matlab, but your sampling rate will be limited by the reason mentioned above.


On the following link, if you go to the Specifications Tab and move your mouse over the Simultaneous Sampling specification a further explanation of this principle will show up on your screen:

Salvador Mikel
National Instruments
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